Hey guys.  Do you ever feel discriminated against at times when people know (or think they know) that you an atheist?  I sometimes do. 

Not really an example of this, but it's related:  I'm on an aquarium fish forum, and I'm preeeeetty sure I'm the only atheist there... lol!  It's hard to say because religious discussion is not really allowed there.  But that doesn't stop the religious anyways.  Example: a member was talking about valentines day and how she doesn't have a boyfriend.  Then she said that her valentine will be god.  I wanted so badly to respond "imaginary friends don't count!"  But I didn't just because religious discussion isn't allowed there.  It doesn't seem right, because other religious members mention god all the time and never get called on it, yet I'm holding back.  There was another time when a different member said that god made puppies cute.  It was so hard to hold back from saying that god didn't make puppies, humans did through artificial selection.  (the domestication of wild dogs)  It's getting a little frustrating! 

Anyone have any similar stories?  Or any stories of discrimination?

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Never fear, the MRFF is taking action to change that. There efforts have been in the papers and on the news.

<br />
http://www.google.com/search?q=define%3Aendtime+Bible+prophecies+are+soon+to+be+fulfilled%3F+Zechariah+12%3A2-8,+Ezekiel+38-39,+Matt+24%3A30-42&sourceid=ie8-activity&hl=en<br />
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MANY top scientists, from microbiology to astronomy, see SO much evidence of Intelligent Design that they reject atheist brainwashing & worship the Almighty Creator<br />
<br />
http://www.DissentFromDarwin.org<br />
<br />
http://www.IntelligentDesign.org<br />
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I was in JAIL and the only atheist...<br />
That was fun, EVERY wanna-be preacher attacked me on behalf of my poor lost soul.<br />
Finally, someone blurted out, "You'd call on god if you thought you were dying." <br />
It was a clear threat, and I told him (and his friends then)<br />
I am not a 'man of god' -Just a Man. Shall we define ourselves only as men?<br />
(In other words, all your preaching doesn't mean **** if you lose your temper. :P )<br />
He backed off...<br />
It was pretty creepy for a while there...<br />
Once, (same guy) called me out at breakfast, "Hey Man, how come you don't pray? Don't you believe in god?!?!?"<br />
<br />
"Are you like Jonah? Some sort of prophet god has sent to preach to dry bones? If your god was so wonderful, wouldn't I see less of your brothers here?"

Yes, I have, I feel like atheism has a bad reputation because whenever I open up about my views, I get greeted with a number of dirty looks, I have to be careful who I am with when it comes to religious views but its okay for the theists to go on about their beliefs, doesn't make sense does it?

I work in the scientific community which is a lot less religious but I have on occasion been given the cold shoulder, been told 'we'll prey for you', I was once barred from friend's house for being "an agent of Satan", and I had a neighbor that told her young daughter not to talk to me because I could be the devil tempting her with my talk about evolution. I guess I must be a good agent of Satan.<br />
<br />
I have friends that were treated very poorly when they were in the military for being atheist. One fellow was told by his fellow soldiers that they hoped that he would die soon so that they would not have to go into battle with an atheist.<br />
<br />
My girlfriend is a school teacher and she would never say that she's an atheist. She got enough crap for being a vegetarian.

I've been treated extremely badly on a certain occasion, almost to the point of violence; but that's too big a story for this. Life is a game, and you have to play it well. Let me just tell you what I know from experience. A large portion of people are theists of some sort (most I dare say). You have to expect some backlash if you go around wearing atheism like a flag. That's the way it is in society. If you're different in any way (looks, style, beliefs) you're going to get called on it and it's bound to **** someone off, warranted or otherwise. The way I play it is this: I won't deny who I am. If they start going off on a religious topic involving me and I feel apt to tell them I beg to differ, then I will. (For example, if I'm ever asked if I believe in God.) Most of my family and their friends are religious and I've dealt with religion all my life. In some places/situations, if you're an atheist you might as well waving a swastika because you're no better than a Nazi. There's no use looking for trouble, but if trouble comes looking for you then stand up for yourself (within reason). I think it's cowardly when people pretend to believe in God in order to appease people. Change the subject if you want, but you're slandering yourself when you tell your parents, friends, spouses or whoever that you believe in God (or anything of that nature) when you don't.<br />
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So yes, I've been discriminated against but that's just the way things go. Like I said before, if it's not because if what you believe in, then it's because of how you look, your orientation or what gender you are. It never ends. Do note though, that if you go around calling people's gods imaginary (even though they are) and their religious beliefs unfounded s*** (even though it is), you're bound to catch some flak.