I remember being the only kid in my class who refused to pray before I ate my packed lunch when I was 8 (well apart from another guy who was Hindu I think)

Religion has never made sense to me and probably never will. I can't get my head round it really as it just seems absurd in the 21st century

Kwozimodo Kwozimodo
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ayankee, I am in the uk.

Smarter at 8 than many of these religious nutjobs will ever be.

Hmm..that's odd as praying in school has not been allowed since I was a weren't even born at that time.Oh each their own!

I surpose that every night you thank god that your an atheist.

haha strong at 8. I'm not quite sure if I am or not I don't believe in a lot of stuff or refuse to be controlled by something being told to me by regular people. I think everyone wants peace and everyone believing in too many traditions separates us all. I believe in God but in my own way. A One World way I guess, it makes sense in my head. lol