If people have a need for a god to worship, that's okay.  If they want to share their ideas, that's just about all right.  But so many of these people want to dominate you with it.  I can see that believing in god could be a comfort, and maybe it worth all the pointless inconveniences - thou shalt not eat bacon, it's not kosher, etc.  But some people simply haven't got it in them to blindly believe in virgin births, walking on water, etc - and I'm one of them.  I prefer to trust my senses... 

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Well said Maskerade

The problem with "belief in belief" is that moderate belief makes fundamentalist belief possible. There would be no Hamas (or, insert your persuasion of religious crazy here) if there were not millions of others to support it. By allowing people to believe fantasy as reality and letting them ignore science and reason, we continue to put our future in danger. Also, just because something is comforting doesn't mean it's true. I can believe my grandmother went to heaven because she was a christian, or I can accept the fact that death is a part of life, and that the only thing left of her is the memories she's left in others, and move on.

I've never seen the inconveniences as minor. More like intellectually and emotionally crippling. Phantom sky man can give me a ring whenever he wants me to take him seriously. Until then I'll just have to do my best not to be set on fire by his devoted and loving followers.

What would make your god a man? Does he have a penis? Your a lot more religious then you think if your sold on the idea that your invisible super friend has a y chromosome

I'm Catholic but not religious. You have people saying this and that, it's hard what to belive and I'm sick of hearing it.<br />
I belive that any person HAS THE RIGHT to live their life the way they choose.<br />
<br />
When I die, I want to hear it from the man himself!

mmm bacon! <br />
<br />
Especially on Friday during lent.