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I am not mad at people who have religion or a faith in some higher power, in fact I think i'm a little bit jealous. I chose to be an atheist because I don't feel God. I don't think I ever have and I'm not entirely sure that I ever will. Is it weird that I find that to be a little lonely? I don't think that there's a heaven or hell. I don't think that I'll see the relatives and friends I've lost when I die, in fact, I'm not even sure if I know that I will be dead. I think people with religion are lucky that they have something bigger than themselves to fall back on. All I have is this life. I hope that in the end it will mean something to someone.

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My sense of atheism is the same (pretty much). I don't feel God so how can I believe in him (or any higher power)? I'm happy with that because it means I know myself and am true to myself and the way I feel. I'm not living a life just for the people or some "feeling" or even for the next life. This is the life I'm living now, so that's what's important. And it's important I be true to myself.

You have nothing to feel ashamed or jealous of. If anything you should feel good about the fact that you don't need the false hope that religion provides for millions of deluded people. You know and accept that this is the only life we're going to get and it's up to us to make the most of it. It is natural that you might feel lonely, as atheists & agnostics are the most isolated people in the world. We are the least socially accepted, least protected minority. Try running for political office in America as an avowed atheist. <br />
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Just know that you are not alone, and take comfort in that. One day it will be acceptable for more of us to come out in public as atheists. But until then, "Imagine there's no heaven, it's easy if you try. No hell below us, above us only sky". The difference for us is, we're not imagining it. We believe it to be reality.

I wanted to comment on this storyline, but I won't anymore

Jburns - EP is indeed a place to express life experiences, but if I were to comment on a Christianity based story thread, stating my atheist standpoint, I would expect to be attacked, either politely, or otherwise.<br />
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I agree that your post has no hostility, and does not instruct anyone to take a specific action.<br />
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About my own two replies to you - ok, the first one-liner was a tad snarky, and I have deleted it as it served no real purpose to the discussion. However, my longer one is not at all hostile. Mentalgent's posting has the word "brainless" in it, but again, it is politely written.<br />
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Suiken's post is directed at Godzilla's original story.<br />
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So, I see no hostility directed towards you, only a different viewpoint, which you would surely expect from an atheist experience forum.

In reply to Skraeling's comments in particular. I thought this site was a place to feel free to express your life experiences. Why is there so much hostility toward me for doing so? I'm not here to argue, debate or make anyone feel guilty. Take the time to reread my original comment and then to read your long reply. If you'll do so with an open mind there is no hostility in my expressed experience. Do you see the hostility in yours?

To continue:-<br />
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Jburns, I have never been a great xtian - I never thought that the bible was the inerrant word of god, ever. <br />
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When young, I was dragged to church a few times, but that was it. I've followed other belief systems over the years, none of which related to your god. I am now 56, and have a great wife and a great life.<br />
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I, too, feel that I have been "blessed" in my life, but not from prayer or from kowtowing to a mythical deity. My life has been as it is because of a mix of chance, and actions on my part. I have met some wonderful people, I have a fantastic son who does his dad proud, despite not being brought up "biblically". In other words, I never needed to hit him if he was naughty, I used reason. <br />
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I, too, have "found peace in the midst of trials, security, a deep abiding joy, and a life of purpose and satisfaction that is priceless to me."<br />
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So, in closing, maybe a belief in some god or other can be important for some, but not for all. It is obviously important in your life, but not in mine, or many of the others here on EP. <br />
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Now it may be that Godzilla would also benefit from becoming xtian, but the fact that she came here to ask for help and support suggests otherwise right now. So I would ask you not to bug her about it, not to try any guilt tactics etc, and let her make her own decisions.

When I was growing up, I felt similar to what you describe. I tried church, but felt like everyone was in on a big "secret" but me and I envied them. Then after turning 30 years old and my life in a shambles I came to the end of my self. I decided I would make a sincere effort to get to know God and give Him an opportunity to work in my life. I am now 62 years old and looking back over the last 30 years of my life, I can see His hand in everything I have experienced - both good and bad. Through the bad times He has built my character, perseverance, and proved Himself to me over and over. He has redeemed all the bad and worked it together and brought good out of it. I don't need anyone to prove or disprove God to me - He himself has slowly and painstakenly done that. He has a plan for our lives and in His plan I have found peace in the midst of trials, security, a deep abiding joy, and a life of purpose and satisfaction that is priceless to me. Give Him a try.<br />
What have you got to lose?

I feel the same way about being lonely and jealous of those who have found a god. I attend church most weekends, I try to read and believe but I have never felt his presence nor do I believe I ever will. I am truly jealous, but in another way I would rather take credit for the good things and be blamed for the bad things rather than thank god for all my accomplishment or be called a sinner for my failures.

I am not jealous of children who believe in Santa or the tooth fairy, nor do I hold in reverence the members of the flat earth society.<br />
When science and nature, logic and observation rule out the possibility of a concept, is it not foolishness to continue to wallow in the error?<br />
Children grow to learn the truth of Santa and the purpose of the tooth fairy in their development . They then put aside the myths and continue to develop their imaginations in part, using the tools received from the belief in these imaginary creatures.<br />
But not so with the religious. Even when prayer is proven useless and their holy books to be filled with myths,poetry and extrapolations from previous religions, the holder of god beliefs AKA " the faithful" continue on their mission to foster beliefs in dead carpenters rising from the dead only to fly off into the clouds. Revel in the idea that flying horses and angels dictate books to pedophiles on whys and wherefores of genital mutilation of children.<br />
These people then go on to teach this mythological pant load not only in their synagogues, churches and mosques, but in our schools as well (reference the latest revisionist crap out of Texas)<br />
I agree, I'm not mad at the fools, but I pity them, not envy them.