Here, Good People, Is Xtianity Taken To The Extreme.


Here, perhaps, is a glimpse of the future of America.  Here, dear xtian, is what your foolish beliefs may end up bringing to us all. Do you feel happy to be labelled xtian, as these fecking idiots are? If, for example, some clinically insane power wielder decides that Walmart shopping on Sunday is bad, do you want this to start happening in YOUR town?

And the link below is the reason that I have stopped using the word "Christian", from now on you goofballs are "xtians".

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6 Responses Mar 13, 2010

I have encountered zealots lots of times. They do really stupid things. They picketed the Exorcist outside the university cinema, they had a petition called, "Save Ulster from Sodomy". I have no problem with them and told them so when they tried to give me leaflets and stuff. But I got into a toe to toe argument with a guy who called my lady companion a harlot because she was wearing a red cost. WTF is that about. it was a very nice red cost. OK she was wearing nothing but a corset under it but he didn't know that.

We can only pray that they wander onto the lawn of a good, god-fearing, gun-toting, trigger-happy Texan who takes advantage of castle law to do the lord's work and blow their guts out their backs with a double-barrel 10-gauge pump-action shotgun.

Oh, I love xian zealots carrying signs with dead babies. I would be at our farmers market every weekend for that freak show.

ye gods. You know, when I hear about stuff like this, I really have to consider that, in some cases, religion IS some form of mental disease, a neurosis - no sane, rational human acts like that except perhaps under great stress or fear.<br />
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Hmm.. I think I just explained it to myself there.

This group may be more zealous than most but there is no shortage of zealots that believe that they have a godly mandate to harass and intimidate. These tactics inevitably lead to violence.<br />
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The town that i lived in Montana had a great Farmer's Marked during the Spring and Summer. On Saturday mornings it seemed like the whole town was at the market. It really added to the feeling of community. <br />
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One of the evangelical churches decided to start carrying signs with mutilated fetuses and screaming nonsense about the whole town going to hell during Farmer's market. Aside from being obnoxiously noisy with their bullhorns they stated getting into people's face and calling young women ******. All this eventually let to violent confrontations when a fellow didn't appreciate having his wife called a *****. These jerks ruined Farmer’s Market for a year because the authorities were so complacent. If these zealots had been environmentalist the police would have dragged them off the very first day.

Pray who will do the judging, certainly not the xtian god because it is pure fantasy.