My Heaven

They say that when jesus comes back to earth, he will take all the believers to heaven with him, If that were to ever happen (which it wont) GOOD, my heaven is a life without religion down your throat christians

abbywhitaker abbywhitaker
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1 Response Apr 5, 2010

I have always (since I was a young child) had issues with the concept of hell. I think any kind of god that would want to punish people by an eternity of torture and pain simply for not "worshipping" him is NOT a kind of god I would want to obey. <br />
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Heaven always confused me as well. In school I would ask about heaven. We were told it was a physical space beyond the universe that we couldn't comprehend. It was 100% pure and good. But I always questioned things like 'Sam wants to play with spiders in heaven, but Jessica is afraid of spiders...What happens then?'<br />
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My teacher would answer: "In Heaven no one is afraid". <br />
Hmmm, fair enough. <br />
'..But you say we should fear god?' I would respond. <br />
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Fundamentally, I don't see the need for an afterlife. Are we so greedy that we expect eternal life? Hasn't anybody read Interview With A Vampire? Once you achieve eternal life, you don't want it. You grow tired of living. For me, personally, I want to cherish this one small chance of life that I received. I want to grab hold of it and live it as well as I possible can until it ends. <br />
I could die tomorrow, and I'm okay with that. I've received a once in a lifetime (excuse the pun) opportunity to live!