Au Pair Exchange

I'm Hana, I'm an au pair here in Amsterdam, Netherlands...My contract will end on February and I'm looking for an au pair who wants to switch with host family..Im staying here for 5 months now,and I have been to 5 countries in Europe because of my host family..They are a family of travelers and I really enjoyed it! Im only taking care of a 3 year old smart boy. So please contact me, if ever you are interested...thank you
vonalonsagay vonalonsagay
1 Response Jul 25, 2010

Hi Hana,
I would like to ask you for some advice, because you have some experience with being an au pair in the Netherlands. Let me start of by telling you that I am not an au pair, but I know this girl from America who just started as a au pair in the Netherlands this January. It seems she can't cope with the cultural differences in the Netherlands (she is from America) and is about to be sent back home by her host parents because she keeps to herself too much and doesn't try to really connect with the family. I want to help her salvage this opportunity or help her make the best of this experience.
What did you do to get yourself used to the customs in the Netherlands or at least keep an open mind? If you have any tips that may help or just tips that would be great.