How To Obtain Documents To Be An Aupair In Italy (for Americans)

Ciao a tutti! My name is Ashley and I am a 20-year-old university student who just returned from Italy after 2 months of working as an AuPair in a very small town in the Provincia di Ferrara. It was an absolutely FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE, but getting permission to work in Italy was a very tedious process. It took months to get a clear picture of the steps that I needed to be taken to legally work in Italy as an AuPair, but it really doesn't need to be this way. Acquiring all of the necessary documents will be time consuming but it doesn't have to be difficult! Here are all the little things that I discovered along the way, hopefully this information will make you process a LOT simpler than mine was!

• Documents

• Valid Passport that will not expire during your stay in Italy- Apply ASAP!!! If there are less than 6 months remaining before the time you intend to leave for Italy I would even recommend paying to have the process expedited. A valid passport can be obtained at your local post office.

• Nulla Osta: This document allows you to legally work in Italy. Despite what any AuPair website may say you do NOT need a autorizzazione al lavoro, which are seldom made available to non EU citizens during a specific window of time each year. Your host family will need to inquire for your Nulla Osta at the Sportello per l'Immigrazione of their respective province. For example, my Host Family was located in the Provence of Ferrara and applied for my Nulla Osta at the Sportello Unico per l'Immigrazione of Ferrara. Obtaining a Nulla Osta can be a time consuming process. Keep in mind that there is likely only one individual at the Sportello who is authorized to validate the actual document (in my case that person happened to be out for weeks on vacation…). Once the Nulla Osta is complete your host family will need to mail/fed-ex it to you so that you can present it at the Italian Consulate when you apply for your visa. In order to obtain a Nulla Osta you will first have to present certain documents and information...
• Information: last name/cognome, first name/nome, civil status/stato civile, citizenship/cittadinanza, country of residence/residente in (stato estero), place of birth/luogo di nascita, sex/sesso, date of birth/Nato/a il, state of birth/stato di nascita.
• Declaring a Consulate: You will also have to predetermine where you will be applying for you visa. Most often you will apply at the Italian Consulate that represents your state of residency. However, as a full-time student in the state of Michigan I had the opportunity to apply at the Italian Consulate of Detroit despite being a resident of New York State. I am not sure if all Italian consulates offer this opportunity but they should offer this information on their website. Since you will likely be making several visits to the Italian Consulate I STRONGLY recommend interfacing with the consulate that is nearest to where you will be living for the majority of the year.
• Contract: You and your host family must sign and agree on all terms stated in your official contract/contratto. Since there is no official AuPair contract for Italy you will need to use the Official European AuPair Contract written in Italian and modify it to your needs. This document can be found on In order to complete the contract you and your family must agree on your date of arrival and departure, how much you will ear weekly, how many hours you will work weekly, how many full days off you will have each week, and what your general responsibilities will entail. You will also have to make sure that you have health insurance that will cover you over seas, if not it is your responsibility to make sure you are covered (proof of necessary health insurance is required to obtain a visa). If you are a college student your school may even provide the opportunity for you to buy student international health insurance at a discounted price. The contract must also be stamped and signed at the Sportello per l'Immigrazione. Your host family should then either mail or fax you a copy.
• Health Form: Finally, you will need to present your most recent health physical (or get one if you have not had a physical in the last year) and a version of that physical translated in Italian. Translate the ENTIRE document in Italian, EVERY WORD on the page. Your physician must sign the original. He/she must also print their name, write their doctor's license number, and stamp it with their office's official stamp. Present your signed and stamped original physical (in English) and your translated version together at the Italian Consulate. The consulate will look over the Italian version and stamp it if they approve. You then need to mail/fed-ex the stamped Italian version to you host family to present at the Sportello per l'Immigrazione when they apply for your Nulla Osta.
• Once your family has all of this information they can go to the Sportello and apply for your Nulla Osta. Processing a Nulla Osta is NOT complicated but the amount of time that it takes is likely to vary on an individual basis. To be on the safe side I would budget a month. When the Nulla Osta is processed the Sportello will send an electronic copy to the consulate where you will be applying for your visa AND your host family will need to mail the original hard copy to your home address. The original hard copy must be presented at the Italian Consulate when you apply for your Visa.
Visa: You're ALMOST there!!! Hang in there, I promise it will all be worth it! Unfortunately there is not much information that I can provide you with at this stage of the game because Visa requirements DO vary at each consulate. However, it is likely that there are only certain days of the week/ hours when the Consulate processes visa requests so make sure to check on the website. Also, check to determine whether or not you need to schedule an appointment. Finally, be sure to check the document requirements for BOTH "All Visa Applicants" AND "Work Visa for DEPENDENT WORK."

Spero che abbia un buon viaggio e un’ esperienza fantastica!!!

-Ashley =)
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Dec 12, 2012