You Can't Help But Feel Loved...

I have 2 neices, and 3 nephews, and another on the way (not sure on the gender yet.)
The oldest is my 7 year old nephew. He is amazing. Smart as a whip, and stronger than anything I've ever seen. He is in gymnastics, and excels at it. He is an avid little hunter. He reads so fluently.. I couldn't be prouder.. There is nothing like the way his eyes light up when he sees me. And he never leaves the room without telling me he loves me.
Next is my 5 year old adopted neice. She's beautiful. Mixed, and definitely got the best of both worlds, with her dark, soft curls and gorgeous always tan skin. She has so much of my attitude. If I go a single day without seeing her, I get a phone call informing me I must come see her immediately.
2 weeks after that, I got my little redhaired, blue eyed princess. One of a kind that one is. Her laughter is like music. And she loves to cuddle. She will do anything as long as I'm with her. But if I'm not she is terrified of everything. She tells everyone that I am her best friend. Because I'm always there.
Then there is my little 1 year old curly blond haired blue eyed boy.. What a spectacular little monkey he is!! He can climb anything and everything, and gives his poor expecting mother a run for his money, but as soon as she turns on my street, he immediately starts saying my name.
And My smallest one.. 6 months old , and every bit as precious to me as the rarest diamond. I love every second I get to spend with him. he's growing up so fast! That personality is really starting to come through.
Being an Aunt is the greatest part of my life. I wouldn't survive without my kids. I've been through a lot, but everything is ok, as long as I can call and hear "Aunt, I love you" .. or "I Love you to Baby Jesus' mama and back. that's a long way.."
simplencountry simplencountry
22-25, F
Sep 22, 2012