What Have I Done!!

My 11 year old niece and her father have decided to give up drinking soda for Lent.  Of course, I want to be a good Aunt and support my niece in her endeavors.  So, I told her that I would give up drinking soda until April 4th as well.  Oh my gosh, WHAT THE (*&^%$# HAVE I DONE!!! LOL  Do you know what that means?!  NO Pepsi until April 4th!   I adore my Pepsi.  sigh.. But I adore my niece more and this would be a good thing for her and yes for me as well.  So, if I get cranky with anyone during the next month, I want to apologize for it now. lol   It is going to be an interesting few weeks. 


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HAHA, Glowy is hiding things in her trench coat. "Luv reaches into Glowy's trench coat for a free cold Pepsi. Thank You Glowy. hehe

Aww, Poor Luv.. <br />
<br />
Could you have a virtual soda?<br />
<br />
*opens up trench coat to reveal ice cold pepsis*<br />
<br />
I'll let you have the first one for free.

Thank You Glowy! Yes, please drink a soda for me, because I am really jones-in for one. lol

Ugh. I couldn't do it. Diet Mtn Dew for me thanks. Anything else...I could do with a little determination, but I love my soda too much. I'll drink enough for both of us, ok? ;-)

I only drink one or two Pepsi's a week, so I didn't really get caffiene withdrawal. I think I might have had a little sugar withdrawal though. lol

So, do mine sometimes! LOL

My cravings run toward a different direction. MUHahahahahaha.................................

We can only do the best that we can mewold. I have been craving a pepsi all month long! sigh lol Thank You mewold.

I decided to give up candy for Lent. A few minutes later, I found myself eating some candy. I hate myself...........

It hasn't been easy. lol <br />
But you are right, my niece believing in me will make me strong. You could do it too if you had to. Thank You for reading and commenting on my story my friend, I appreciate it. xxx

Aww, Thank You LV. I try to model some good behavior for her to see. :) I have caught myself a couple of times reaching for that soda, but then I remember I can't. Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope you are doing well. Hugs

Such a great thing to do, challenge yourself for your niece, you are a great aunt.<br />
<br />
Well done.

I REALLY want a Pepsi right now! LOL But I won't have one. lol But I probably won't be losing weight either, because I will just be eating a snack with sugar in it to replace the sugar I am not getting from the Pepsi. ;) I will try to find a healthy snack. sigh

All food, mewold? I should give up many foods for Lent. Thanks mewold.:-)

HAHA, I think I probably am crazy Pumpkin. Actually, I normally don't have more than one or two cans of Pepsi a week, but I will miss them. I will just have to drink a little more coffee. *sigh* Dayumed if you do and dayumed if you don't LOL Thanks Pumpkin.. mwah

I wish I could give up "FOOD" for Lent........

I am glad that you won't mind putting up with my crankiness ladee. lol Thank You! Yes, maybe I will lose a few pounds along the way. *Hugs*