Surprise Pregnancy

About 2 years ago, my youngest sister got pregnant. Afraid and contemplating an abortion, she didn't tell anyone. We found out when she was almost 8 months pregnant (with a very slight belly bump) after my mom had to ask her again and again. That was a painful day when she confirmed it. When I found out, I was scared and upset that she'd ruin her future.

Then, my niece was born, 100% healthy, and she lit up our  world. She's a fireball of energy that keeps us smiling and on the edge of our seats (our own "Lara Croft").  It has even given me a new perspective on abortion. As a topping on the cake, my sister is turning out to be a really good mom.

I am an aunt, a really proud one.

ether83 ether83
26-30, F
Feb 23, 2010