I consider myself an Aunty although half of my so called nephews are really my boyfriends nephews and technically are not mine yet. Altogether I have four nephews and three unknowns on the way!
I have a step sister with two boys, one almost 5 and the other just turned 3. She is pregnant with her third due in January. I didn't meet them till a couple of years ago. They are typically energetic little boys, can be very naughty - but with heart melting smiles. They love to play dressups and make believe which leads to some very cute moments like pretending to put on Mummy's makeup and go to work. Unfortunatly, they live in Australia so I don't get to see them too often, maybe only once a year, but they always remember who I am and give big cuddles!
My boyfriends older brother and his wife have one little boy, he is almost 18months. He is a little red headed monkey, tons of personality, temper at a drop of a hat but very affectionate.
My boyfriends middle brother has a son who is just over 18months. We see him the most out of all the nephews because we live the closest. He is a very cute kid, big eyes and big grin and always tearing around, loves playing peekaboo and chasing games. His Mum is pregnant with twins due in December.
Its pretty cool being an Aunty - I like watching them grow, spoling them with presents, getting lots of cuddles -- then leaving their parents to deal with the tantrums and the dirty nappies and all that jazz!
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:D I have a great relationship with my Aunties so its important to me to be a significant source of support and affection in their lives.

:-) That's the way to do it!