Oh The Joys Of Being An Aunt!

I LOVE being an Aunt! My Hubby's sister has 6 children though so I'm sure you can imagine what Christmas is like! Cough Cough: a huge hole in both our pockets! Today we celebrated my niece and nephews birthdays. They turned 9 and 10. I bought the 10 year old ( a girl ) Monster High make up, a nail set, lip gloss, and a Monster High watch. She is obsessed with those creepy barbie things. I bought my nephew (who is 9) a Halo lego set thing with tons of scary looking fighter guys...I spent about 30 bucks on each of them.

At the birthday party there were a LOT of family members but out of all of them it surprised me that we were the ONLY ones that got the children presents! I couldn't believe it. Every card had a 20 dollar bill in it! That just seems like it would have been so predictable, not to mention it is a gross and rainy Friday and their parents aren't taking them out. I wouldn't want to sit in the house with a bundle of 20 dollar bills in my pocket and no way of spending it...I'd rather have new toys. Even if they were lousy toys. I guess that's just me though.

What do you think about giving a kid cash in a birthday card for their birthday? Or would you give a gift AND cash?
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012