My Partner Is Going To The Army - Honestly What Am I In For!?

Hi Ladies,

A few weeks back my partner said the army had called him just wondering what he was doing and if he was interested in joining up as he had wanted to originally when he finished university with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and decided to work in the mines instead.
Two years on he has had a phone call and these last few weeks, what seemed like just a chat is now "I am going to the army":
I would love to her from ladies who have army partners, honestly what is it like? How regularly would I see/hear from him. We love each other a lot and I think getting through this would cement our relationship for the future....but I know this can be a make or break situation and would definitely test our relationship. Happy to hear the good the bad and the ugly.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Hi im Denise and my Partner is in the army.
here is the advise i have for you.

Honestly everyone is different, you will find out whether the life style is for you or not.
my partner does transport and logistics. it also depends where they are based as to how much they will be away. we were posted in Darwin and he had to go on training quite a bit, plus a tour to Afghanistan. (i would never want to go through that again) now we have been posted to Victoria and because that is a transport school he wont be going away much :).

when they are not away their hours can be really good, normal 7 till 4 shifts, and they get the odd day where they have to go on guard. (stay over night)

it does make your stronger as a couple and independently.

My only other advice is be careful of other army wives and gf as they can sometimes take on their partners rank and be snotty and clicky. not for me, so we have good friends out of the army aswell and i work out of the army and that works for us.

hope this helps :)