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g'day!! i 'm an aussie guy who has lived in australia all my life! i love every bit of it and its people! if i can answer any questions for you about australia please feel free to ask anything you wish.
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Im an aussie male looking to meet aussie women .... So i hope to find some of those in this area

is there coming more twilight movies then breaking dawn

So, you would be the blond Lady (Sue, pretty Lady) in the Crocodile Dundee movies!<br />
<br />
Nice meeting you, hope to learn more through your stories here.<br />
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Saw a number of specials about Australia on television and it seems like there is a bit of everything for everyone down there. Climate, foliage/trees, desert/mountains ... the whole planet on one continent.

thank you! i think its the most beautiful country on earth,besides tasmania! tasmania is so unspoiled by humans,and has the most amazingly old forests,you keep waiting for a dinosuar to pock its head out somwhere,lol. welcome to visit anytime! hugs

Hi greetings from America, you seem to be a nice person and friendly too. well i am going to ask you a question I have wondered about since i saw the movie Galopi. In the movie Galopi, Mel Gibson and a friend walk across a desert in Australia in one day, what desert was that, Was that the one that is the biggest one, if so how could they walk across it in one day, unless it is not that big or was it just made up for the movie?

hi,i think it would be made up for the movie! there,s no desert i know of that you can walk in a day! shortest one i know about takes a week to walk if everything goes right. have a nice day! hugs

Ahh I thought so just made up for the movie. I did hear that the movie is based on actual events, what a terrible tragedy that so many died this way. I have a friend who told me that Turkey actually made a memorial in recognition of their sacrifice.and in tribute and honor to the men of Australia for their bravery in this battle. Hope all is wel with you, hugs


The movie was Gallipoli. Mel Gibson and Mark Lee walked across a salt lake. Lake Eyre is a large salt lake, would take weeks to cross by foot.

I learned something new i knew the movie was Gallipoli and about Mel Gibson, but not mark Lee and not that it was a great salt lake named Lake Eyre.
Did you know that Mel Gibson was born in America, but when he was a child his father moved him and the rest of his family to Australia. I am not sure but i imagine he has duel citizenship in America and Australia.

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hw is australia?

hi,how are you! australia is the best country to live in! a bit cold where i am at the momment. hugs