Bushfire Inspiration

I am the Author of the book Wildflower The Barbara Crawford Thompson Story [Google full title and click on telstra big blog] which has done very well in England ater appearing on television over there. The recent Australian Bushfires have inspired me to write a little poetry on this subject, one of which is already placed within this site. I also include a second for the benefit of those who have not read my work before.

Raymond J Warren

February 2009

 What is that awful roaring, that odd noise hard to bear?

The heat is tough enough to take, ‘tis the devils work I swear.

Its getting awful blowy, hotter than a chimney stack,

I’d really like to leave this place but there’s a fire down the track.


Stay at home they tell us, you’ll be much safer there,

Don’t go driving in the bush coz fire just don’t care!


Better off around the house, to defend our castle strong.

Fires always hurry past they’re here and then their gone!

God the smoke is thick as fog, can’t stop coughing now,

Got to soak me head a bit, gee what’s that awful row?

Wish I’d cut the trees back, the scrub is much too thick

Heat is getting awful bad and I’m feeling a bit sick

Thank god I sent the missus out, she’s gone down to her Aunt,

Me little girl wanted me to come but I told her that I cant.

The wind is getting fierce and there’s fire on the slope,

The ‘lectrics down, the house is done, the water pump won’t cope.


So now I just can’t fight it, I guess I’ll have to run,

But there’s wind and fire all over, it’s hotter than the sun.

The house it burning up and I’m running with a ‘roo

The fire has surely got me and it’s surely got him……….

rayw1 rayw1
Feb 11, 2009