I Want To Become An Author But I Have This Fear!

I want to become an author some day, but I have this fear of reguction. I have written to fanfiction stories. One about this girl who learns to live life and not to worry so much about the future. The other one is about this girl who learns to let others help even tho this is hard for her to do. I finished writing them but I am just so scared to send them out only to be regucted. What should I do? Please help me! Thank you!
Tina244 Tina244
2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I am a published author yes I am kinda young to be one but I am. Send your story out into the world! You go girl! I have been rejected twice but the second time I got advice to help my writing. If you get rejected so what! It doesn't mean you are a bad author it just means they didn't respect your work as much as other people would. So go ahead and submit!

Send them out - even if you do get rejected, you may receive advice on how to better your skills. Keep working on them, and keep sending them out. Harry Potter was rejected numerous times, but eventually accepted, as I believe are many novels.