I Wouold Like To Be Come An Author

            I would like to be come an author someday. But I don't know where to start at. I would like to write books for people top read. Make som eextra money. But I don't now where I should start at . So if some one would please help me out.
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The main idea behind becoming an author is to write. Each day sit down at your computer and write. It doesn't have to be anything great, perhaps simply what happened during your day. Maybe you could start a blog and tell what happened that stuck out in your mind. Whatever it is, it will help you into the writing process and get your mind thinking about how to form your sentences and describe the situations you are writing about.<br />
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Then, when you feel you are ready, write a short story. Pick whatever subject is uppermost in your mind and write it out. Once you're done, read it over and see if it makes sense. Read it to a friend and see if it still makes sense to her. Join a writing group that meets once or twice a month and read your stories to them. Get opinions on what to improve in your writing. A very good key is that if you are not willing to listen to and heed the advice of others when they critique your stories, perhaps you aren't ready to become an author.<br />
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Try this for awhile and see what happens. This place is a great source for ideas. Pick out various topics under the experiences and write stories from your past that relate to those topics. EP is a wonderland for budding authors.<br />
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