Constant Improvement

I fully expect to pursue 2 or 3 careers just to keep up with my appetite for new experiences and knowledge. I expect to become an independent consultant of some sort, so I will want to be able to run my own office. I do not trust others much, so I will need to understand the finances, not just hand it all over to someone blindly. I will have to train others and ensure they are doing the job correctly. I will have to be able to wear all the hats.

I'm always at thrift stores grabbing up textbooks, or at the library with some armload of 1-3 topics (currently studying accounting and accounting software).

A recent find at a thrift store was Data Analysis and Decision Making with Microsoft Excel -- It's fantastic! Just the good real-world stuff that I want. They combined the various courses into one interesting integrated-approach book.

I am also utilizing the Elevate America program -- I signed myself up for as many courses as I could get free vouchers for! I have a year to complete them.

So although I was considering going to a university this fall, their irritating vaccination rules angered me, (1. I don't know where the heck my shot reccord is, 2. they require double dose MMR, 3. I disagree with vaccination now 4. I do not have the money to get a doctor to test my immunity). I have the option of contacting some state agency to plead for my philosophical choice not to vaccinate, but the multitudes of further paperwork after the initial FAFSA and application just *expletive deleted* me off. I may eventually get through all the danged hoops, but in the meantime, I need a better paying job, so job skills (for me desk job skills) are my current school.
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Jul 18, 2010