Yes, I am.  

Recently, my Schipperke dog, Molly, barks a lot when I let her out in the evening in the backyard.  And, I have trouble getting her to come in.  So, I finally decided to venture out in the darkness and find out why.  Low and behold, creeping quietly and seemingly unafraid, a small possum.  They are not pretty creatures, but I haven't been afraid of it, and it has not been afraid of me.  Rather, it just sits on top of the fence and stares down silently while Molly barks in a frenzy.  So, I started a conversation.  Yes, the possum just sits, stares and listens as I ask it, "haven't I seen you here before, do you have a name, where is your family, are you a female possum?"  No reply as of yet.  Just a cool, yet respectful, long-in-the-tooth sort of smile.  Late last night, the possum was on the fence once again, walking along as Molly did her best to chase her.  The possum and Molly are about the same size, so maybe that has something to with the possum's lack of intimidation.  And, me, well, I ask simple questions.  

This morning, as I drove out of my neighborhood, I was struck with heartache at the sight of a possum that had been struck much harder by a car.  I glanced closely, praying it isn't my friendly little possum friend.  I actually was overcome with emotion as I drove up the block, and the thought crossed my mind to go back and remove it from the lack-of-regard stream of cars.  But, I didn't.  I couldn't.

I remain hopeful that when Molly goes out tonight for her late-evening doings that she'll be barking in a frenzy.  Then I'll know that my possum friend is alive and well and ready for more conversation.  Lord, bless and keep all creatures safe and secure in and out of their elements.


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Feb 22, 2010