Avid, Fervent And Passionate.

I love all animals. From the tiniest bug to the most powerful of predators. Yes, I am  one of those people who catches spiders and wasps and returns them to the outdoors. If I squish them or spray them, I can't live with  the guilt! What gives me the right to take the life of another creature, just because it's in 'my space'? I live for my pets. I have been lucky enough to have a variety, from a housetrained pig to a cow that would let me lay against her flanks and breathe her grassy sweetness as we dozed in the sun. I struggle to describe the very deep emotions they stir in me. I love their honesty, I respect their existence, I am awed by their difference. To imagine a life without a companion animal - I can't. I would rather be without human companions.

Soozles Soozles
46-50, F
1 Response Feb 22, 2010

Beautifully put.