What Is Your Favorite Dean Koontz Novel?

Although it didn't receive much critical praise, I have to say that my favorite Dean Koontz novel is "The Door to December."  It has such an interesting plot and the entire concept is hugely original.  A little girl is kidnapped by her scientist father and he performs psychological experiments on her in order to enhance her telepathic abilities.  Eventually, the girl begins to use these powers to enact revenge on those who tortured her.  It is such a good book and I think it may have a them of children with autism....Once the girl is rescued from the sensory deprivation chamber, she is left with no social skills and is unable to speak.  I have read it multiple times and it only gets better.

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4 Responses Mar 15, 2009

i love the odd thomas and franenstien collections

I also liked, but sorry, I cant remember the name, I think it migh be called something like, One step from Heaven or something about a door.....the girl has deformities and her mother is off her head on drugs all the time and the father uses some bizarre alien cover story but hes a psycho who euthanises people ..... another extremely original story, I really enjoyed it.

Yes, it is good as well. I especially like the part where the little boy runs between the rain drops.

Iv read alot of Dean Koontz and really enjoy them - dont think Iv read the one you mention though, I will have to check it out though, sounds good.<br />
I think my favourite is 'From the Corner of His Eye' - do you know it?? :)