A Friend Loaned Me Three Books to a Series

Being an avid reader, of course I tore into them and found them delightful since they are in a genre that interests me. There are several other volumes to the series and since I do read a great deal I am surpirsed I was not familiar with this mans body of work. I went to the library hoping to obtain the other books.

Not going to happen. For what ever the reason the first book in this series in held in the main library and listed as a reference book which cannot be taken from the premises. Now how in the world is anyone supposed to read a novel while sitting in the main library? that would mean traveling across the city each day, hoping the book was still available then sitting there all day to read, then travel back home. I don't think so.

The latest book in the series was supposed to be released this past April. The library is still waiting for delivery. And as for those in the middle? They don't carry them, not one copy anywhere in the system.

So, now I am on the hunt. Used book tables that sort of thing trying to get my hands on those books I have to read of this series. I could be a long time finding them.

willow willow
56-60, F
Jun 19, 2007