Why This.... Why

I am a gay teen and i'd like
To share my storie.
I just hate it,just by thinking about it!

But why do people force gay people change their identity.
I hate people who just judge without even try
To understand.

The worst part is that the some people of my family
Are ignorant's.The comment's that they make
About gay people.The feeling i felt by hearing those comment's,
Was so terrible.

Of course they don't know
That i'm gay yet,not looking foward for that.
Anyway why people judge.
Can someone help please

I what to have friend's who have expireced something
Like this or to help with my question's.
Kiriku Kiriku
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Ignorant means rude btw. Not sure if you knew or not by the way it's worded.

Well son if they dont know that you are gay but your mannerisms may give them suspicion that you are. In that case thats why they are making rude comments about you. It may not be your fault because everyones body developes differently. But if you are gay that is your choice, but it doesnt give people the right to judge you without knowing you. Even your family.They of all people should be more understanding since you are part of them and you were raised by them. In my experience people will belittle anything that they dont understant or is different from themselves. And in some cases they are covering up their own failings. I know it hurts you to hear their comments, but if you are of age you should strive to get away on your own and live your life the way you want to. Hopefully I have helped you.
Be good now Ill be thinking of you.