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December, 2008

I joined boy scouts when I was 14 back in 2004, and achieved my Eagle Rank in 2008. I had my award ceremony after my first semester away at college during winter break in December.

Age 18 is when it should be given, I do not believe in 14-16 year old Eagle Scouts, for they do not even realize the gravity of the rank they are receiving. The most annoying of this was a snobby 12 year old who was somehow a life scout (met at summer camp) and said "who ares about Eagle, getting it is easy" wow...I do not respect scoutmasters who allow this sort of thing to happen or snobby scouts who brag about how they got Eagle at 14-16 and got all 3 eagle palms. I applaud people like my scout master who put an unofficial age restriction on ranks for our troop. We all support that idea and wish more troops would adopt it. And I know if one asks any scout who got their eagle presented to them at age 18, after a semester in college (having finished all the requirements before their 18th bday obviously) and I guarantee they value their rank more than any premature Eagle who got it at an age where they could not yet fully grasp what they were truly earning
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