Hours Into The Day

This morning as I sat here with my 3rd cup of coffee, I wondered how many others were sitting all alone, the rest of the household sound asleep in their beds. That inspired me to see if there was actually a group of people like me searching out for some early morning conversation.
It is just me and my computer for the first couple of hours each morning . I am now retired and have no need to be up two hours before the newspaper reaches my door, but here I am each and every morning....
I have no idea who is on this group or what information I will find...I do not feel rising early is anything I wish to or even could change. But I seem to be unique in my family.
That is my short story for now....I will check out this site and find out what it is all about....good morning early risers.

kdvlew kdvlew
61-65, F
2 Responses May 22, 2012

Hi kdview, glad you have joined us. I think you will enjoy EP. I'm not an early riser but visit EP a couple times a day to see what's up. Especially like tonight when I can't sleep. I write stories when I don't feel well or can't sleep. When I get back on the computer there are always comments and new stories from others to read. When you read stories be sure to check out the author's profile. There are some real neat people on EP. Members also post interesting questions to answer and follow to find out what others think and feel. It's fun to make friends and explore the subject matter on EP. I think there is something or somethings for everyone.

Oehhh I love sleeping. But I hate the fact that you loose so many time by doing it. I wish (really I do) that I was more like you in that way. To be an early riser...