I Don't Know What I Am

I have heard a lot about what are presumed to be "earth angels" and would not be surprised if it were so. I've grown up protected to a shocking point, when I was little I jay walked a lot and never got hurt once, never got in a fight, even to little things such as dodge ball, it'll come within fractions of an inch to my face but never hit. Besides that I've been extremely good at learning all kinds of things have played six instruments earned nothing but A's my whole school career. Have had a very strong faith in God inspiring others without any honest effort since everyone just gets this good vibe from me, but it makes no sense I never did anything to earn this. I did grow up with a guardian spirit that was always a part of me and was the source of my talent but at age 12 my contact with him was lost I was enabled with strange things like premonitions and aerokinesis my physical appearance changed dramatically I grew from looking like a kid to look like a 20 year old young man with a voice to match. This is paired with speaking in a strange tongue I don't understand and a deep feeling like I have something big and important to do. Even when it comes to numerology it points to big things since my life path number is 11. I know it may seem crazy or set up but what happened to my mentor to me? I want to believe I'm just a normal kid but I don't fit in with anybody please anybody what am I? If you know, then, am I alone or are there others?
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So it seems nobody has given you any idea what/who you are. I figured out what/who I am only days ago. A book from Doreen Virtue - Realms of the Earth Angels helped me. There are allot of other beings in it too, like wise ones, EA, Starseeds, incaranted elementals... with the characteristic of everyone. E-Mail me maybe I can help you to figure it out or look it up. Namaste sabitzer@gmx.at

What instruments do you play?

Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Ocarina, and Viola

man you could get into any orchestra you want

I think there might be others, I met someone who was very odd once, he never met me in person but could tell when I was happy/sad/ill, etc without me having to say anything.

We are many in number after all

i still have him on my facebook. if not for the fact that he lived in india, the relationship might have worked out or at least lasted longer.

his ability to do that without any clues or webcam made me smitten with him. I would've married him, only, strangely enough, he DIDN'T want to live in America. He was hoping I'd move out there to be with him...but then, he was an indian classical musician, he would likely do better in his homeland than over here. There were moments when I almost considered it, but that would be a huge adjustment from what I come from, I don't even live somewhere climatically similar like Florida. I live in the pacific NW. So basically I'd have the same level of adjustment as the British lol. But man, I was obsessed with him!! He was one of the few people I wanted to commit to. Now, I'd prefer to date around, asexually, for an indefinite amount of time...I highly doubt I'll ever want to marry anyone again. I like my freedom and options - and an unbroken heart.

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