since i was a kid i have always felt like i was here for a visit and waiting to go home.. but the older i got the more closed it and distant i got.. i always felt locked up and caged in.. i have always wanted to go home just not knowing where home was... just not here.. when i moved into the house i moved into a couple months ago, i have been trying to fond out some things with the help of my friends mom.. i came across a website called and as i read the article, i felt odd... it was like it had been wrote about me.. i have since then been learning meditation, how to control my energy and to open and use my chakras.. etc... im having trouble with emotions.. i am hoping to find others so i dont have to feel like im the only one.. and maybe get some advice on how to be more helpful to others.. i seem to come into peoples lifes to help them and give them something they need.. from hope to faith, love,etc... i dont really know what to say.. im pretty knew to this still...
kris1984 kris1984
26-30, F
Oct 29, 2012