Love It!

I love an easily orgasmic fact my wife is one. Its not uncommon for her to *** 2-3 times within a minute or two
after I penetrate her. Getting her off is very pleasurable to me...and seeing how many ******* she can enjoy at once is great fun.
Usually after 8-10 she is spent.
want2havefun00 want2havefun00
46-50, M
1 Response May 21, 2012

You might want to bring a a friend or two for a long session of ******* and to watch her *** while you rest up for your next turn. Really watching her go through the throes of sexual pleasure is always a breatiful thing. Denying her this is really selfish on your part. If you really want her to enjoy her own body, encourage her to do this for herself. If you really love her, you will trust her to enjoy ******* only for the plesures of her *******, and not as emotionally cheating on you or wanting to leave you. It's a physical need she suffers and you should never let her suffer.

Your post has a couple major incorrect assumptions in it....1. That I am in any way selfish 2. That she wants other guys/*****. 3. That she suffers from lack of attention or ******.
She has ZERO, or more correctly less than zero, interest in having sex with anyone other than me. We tried that, it was definitely not for her. I would be happy to arrange it, its never going to happen again. She is adamant about that. She has all the ******* she wants with me, I'd be happy to give her lots more, as many as she'd like...but she needs no more than I already give her and definitely is not interested in sexual play with anyone else. Period.