Just Noticed That I Seem To Order Less Than The People Around Me

okay so i started this group because lately i have had workers saying things like "too easy" or "yes...another easy customer". or "your great..your the easiest customer i have served". I just realised that and i dont know if its a good thing or not. sometimes i even get the "too easy" phrase when i buy stuff from department stores. and the other day i went to subway to get a sub and there was an extremly picky and undesicive family before me and they couldnt make their mind and they seemed to be stressing the workers but when i asked for soemthing simple she said "i Like you, your the easiest customer i've had today" and i just said "thanks". but she looked really tired and my sub was prepared before the family's subs were and i got my sub before them even though i was behind them at the queue. and i go to a sandwich bar and the young girl who looks pretty seems to alway smile when she sees me, probably because i dont ask for much. but when i go there she is always walking to my direction because she knows i;m a easy customer. but i dunno if it is a good thing or not. but that lady at subway said that i am welcome to buy a sub when she works because she liked how easy i was as a customer. maybe i am a simpleton after all this, maybe i should be complicated, but what i know is that sometimes i cannot be too easy going because people might take advantage of that.

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1 Response Feb 20, 2010

yeah your right, sometimes i might be too much of a doormat. its just i feel bad for them struggling throughout the day but i guess thats what they are paid for, theres a reason why theres so many ingredients to choose from and sometimes they have to get over it, because i realise that where i work, i serve lots of demanding customers and i am fine with it, so they should be too.