First Time At Wem

The first time I went to West Edmonton Mall fully drressed I was so nervous !!! But I spent a hour on my makeup and was determined to get a new outfit ! I went to Smart Set and started looking around . The salesgirl asked if there was anything she help with and said in my best femme voice ," Just looking thanks . "
I picked out a great outfit , a white satin top and black miniskirt . OMG !!!! I was in heaven! It fit perfect . When I came out to look at it in the three way mirror , I thought that I looked fantastic !BLUSH . The girl said she thought it was a great outfit and brought over several other things for me to try on . Well, I left with four new outfits and I've been hooked ever since !

Now I just someone to shop with ! LOL

KarenWiseman KarenWiseman
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10 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I would love to shop with you lol

And I'd love to take you shopping !!!!

OMG !!! That's the worse customer service ever ! She could have made a sale !!!! Oh well, her lose ! XXXX

The worst experience of customer service I had was in the ladies shoe section of a department store. I was dressed as a guy, the assistant, a lady, said "excuse me SIR, but the MENS section is upstairs!"
Normally, assistants are just happy to make a sale, and aren't bothered who you are.

What a blast I only shop for panties and bra's..

What fun! The sales assistant made your day.

lucky to have the help from the salesgirl. You must have felt great after that

Nice! It seems you had a lot pleasure that day while shopping... :)


Having someone to shop with would be sooooooo much fun !

Great story! I remember the first time I went to the mall dressed--it was fun. I'm in Edmonton from time to time; maybe we can go shopping sometime.

Sounds great !!