The More I Think of It...

The more I realize that this perfectly describes me.

drcynic drcynic
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5 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Thats to bad about your husband i dont jack about being an ego maniac but inferiority complex blows i can see how it would be a strain which is part of the reason i kind of make a point not to get to close to pepole

it took me 3 years to figure my partner out...I loved him for his confidence, but I am beginning to dislike him because of his lies and glorifies himself to others...he lies to make himself greater than he is and he does this because he is not satisfied with himself....thus an egomaniac with an inferiority is a defense for the other..sadly.

That can't be pleasant. To be the same as me...

Of course!!!!

I can be both because I'm both in different things. I'm an actor. I'm also egomaniacal about my acting style. I tend to adlib lines into scripts and do things directors hate. But, I know I'm so good, and I have a lot of drawing power locally, and they pay me a great deal, so I do what I want.<br />
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I'm fiercely focused on having my way and I'm stubborn when I think I'm right.<br />
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As far as inferiority, I feel inferior as an individual. I feel inferior in the way I look and in personality.<br />
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That's how I'm both.