More Then What You Can See

I am much more then what can be seen. In fact you can't see the real me. I am an elemental being trapped inside this human form, and I long to be set free. There are many elemental beings out there walking among you unnoticed by you. Water elemental beings love to be near the water and are the best of swimmers. Earth elemental beings love to be outside in nature and dislike the big cities. Air elemental beings love lofty places and make the best pilots. Last but not least are the Fire elemental beings. WE are the creators and destroyers of all things. Nothing can be done without OUR help in some form. With this said I come to the reason for this post.

I am an elemental being of fire and I am trapped within this human form. I long for my release so that I may be my true self. Exist as I am meant to exist. Without limits. FREE!!!
RunicPhyre RunicPhyre
36-40, M
2 Responses Jun 28, 2011

If only I could paint a picture so that everyone would understand. Thanks for your comment.

Well said :)