Totally Agree!

Ok, I'm actually a Middle School Secretary but needed to comment on your great post. At the school I work at, if a child bring a cell phone to school and we see/hear it, it gets taken away from them and only given back to their parent, not the student. We make it very clear to parents from the end of summer that cells are not allowed to be seen or heard while the student is in the building. If we don't have this policy, the students will check msgs while between classes making them late, text to friends during class, have their ring tones totally interrupt class, etc. We got along without cells for centuries, we can certainly still do so. And as a School Secretary I'm perfectly happy to assist a parent in getting a msg to their child before school gets out (as long as it's not 5 minutes before). I don't understand why a school wouldn't support making sure the class isn't interrupted during the school day.

Thank you for your post and thank you for beginning this group. Btw, I was a LS Sec for many years before "moving up" to MS. I will definitely let our LS Sec know she needs to join this site!

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Jun 25, 2008