Collingwood Elvis Festival

Just came back from the 2010 Elvis festival and had a blast.

I am not a die hard Elvis fan - I like his music, seen quite a few movies, grew up knowing the historical and musical history of Elvis and was fascinated with late Elvis in the 70s - even the furor over his death.

But going to the Elvis festival connected me to Elvis and impersonators in a whole new way. One thing, if you like Elvis you will love this festival - it is all Elvis from Thursday to Sunday. If you like the music, you will love the festival as there are some really talented performers singing Elvis music. If you like the man, you will love the impersonators - as they rock. It was such a fun and positive event, I will definitely be going back.

I recommend you put Collingwood, Ontario on your radar for next year. Here is more information about the festival:

One more thing - it is a mid/northern Ontario resort town, and you are minutes away from Wasauga Beach, so you don't have to be all Elvis 24/7 - there are some really good beaches, great little stores and really good air to breathe and play in. So enjoy!

(I am not associated with the festival in any way - I just had a blast and wanted to share this with all of my EP friends.)
DeepForest DeepForest
Jul 27, 2010