Love His Music

He has a great voice. I love his music too.
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He has a smooth voice.

Ooooh!!!! yeah!!!! my all time favouries!! thank you!!! I soooo!!!, much! i agree Roxanne!! he was theeee!!!! best! thank you!!! and thank you!, for sharing these with me!! :-) Thank you!!!, to!!! LordVoldemort!!! for posting this :-)

Lol... Great minds Wb..then there's "moody blue", "I just can't help believing", "American Trilogy". He was brilliant.

Ahhhhh!!! Roxanne!!! seems to know my favourite songs here!! lol :-) These to! are my favourites! i couldn't think of them off hand!! :-) Thank you! Rox for sharing these! :-)

Yep he had a wonderful voice and sang with a lot of feeling.<br />
I love his later records Burning Love, his version of "Always on my mind" and especially "suspicious minds". He sang so many good records.

I liked many of Elvis's songs, but the one that has stood out for me is; "I just can't help believing" i was 11yr old and had to be admitted to hospital! and playing on local radio was this very song!! <br />
You are so!!!! right he had a marvoulous! voice! :-) Thank you for sharing! :-)

I always had a big crush on him !!

i like that dreamy "Pocketful of Rainbow" :)

I liked Elvis too! He had a beautiful voice. I loved, " I Can't Help Falling In Love With You". Great post LV. :-)

any favourite songs?

The '68 Comeback Special is one of the best music videos and CDs available.