Only Emo Girl In Falc

Oh boy, i've been called emo since i was 13. i started cutting my wrists at 12, but no one found out until i was 13. i started wearing different colored skinnys when i turned 13, i like to dye my hair exotic colors. I'm not afraid to show the world my scars. im some what proud of them because they always make me stronger everytime. But the one thing that i like the best is that in my town i am the only GIRL who is emo. im different from everyone else. i show what im feeling at all times. im 16, and my mom still hasn't figured out why i do what i do. me, i dont know why. its just who i am. my boyfriend doesn't mind it because he knows that i do it because i have to, not because i want to...yes i could stop if i tried but i dont have the will, and i like myself the way i am...i dont hate myself like everybody thinks that emo kids do...and i kinda dont mind the name i get from it. According to some people it intimidates them.

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i know exactly what you mean. i cut to feel alive to know im not dead. to feel stronger and when i see the blood come down my arm i feel it i feel love

Joe I really had no idea cutting could do that but honestly it makes since now that I think about when I used to cut myself though no one called me emo always been more of a class clown so that might be why lol.

Hi.. I honestly don't know what to say. I can't even imagine cutting myself. You must have some very strong convictions in order to be even brave enough to do that. I've known other people that have done it too. There are more positive ways to make yourself a stronger person and get the attention you so rightly deserve. If you want to talk, you may write. Love and Light, Tat