Me Emo? Yeah

yeah im emo but i dont think that any one else knows. they just kinda assume and they think that they are making fun of me or watever. but they dont even realize what they are saying because emo means emotional or emotionally hardcore. and most people(at least where i live) think that emo means emotionally disturbed(i dont know who came up with that but it gets on my nerves) but yeah im somewhat emo. on the inside more so than on the outside.
imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme imXhereXbutXyouXdontXseeXme
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5 Responses Jun 20, 2007

I'm Emo but my friends don't think so. One thought I was gothic because I wrote a depressing and dark poem and I let her read it. I'm an inside Emo too, even though I wear it, people just doesn't see it. I also, hate the stereotypes plus the song Emo Kid. It has all the stereotypes. >_<

I'm kinda emo... i like all the emo music and get depressed alot

im kinda emo i guess. i just dont show it.

i have always hated the stereotype that comes with the word emo as well. by the definition, on the inside, i guess i am emo too. but i don't wear all black, heavy eyeliner or listen to angry music all the time. like you, i am the last person to be suspected of being 'emo'. so i know how you feel.

I'm inwardly emo also, go us!!