Im Emo - But No One Knows It!

  Yeah i'm EMO!! ut the strange thing is absolutly no one knows that i am!! even though is how all the signs - the music, the makeup, the clothes, ect

but i feel if i tell anyone they'll take it the wrong way and not apreciate me as the person i was before!

I LOVE BEING EMO AND ALWAYS WILL!! but people just stereotype us people and its not fair!!

So to all these people IM EMO - GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT!! xxx

AzzyBabes94 AzzyBabes94
13-15, F
3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Be proud of being Emo. I'm sick and tired of people saying that being Emo is a bad thing. I told my friend that I'm Emo and she said, "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Y? U CAN'T CUZ DATS DANGEROUS!!!" she overexaggerated in that text. She thinks Emo people cut themselves, but not all of us. Plus, hella people in my school think being sad or depress is the same thing as being Emo. Every time somebody says, "oh my god. I was so Emo yesterday," I keep thinking "WTF?! If you mean sad or depress, DON'T ****** USE THE WORD EMO BECAUSE THAT'S ME YOU *******!!!" of coarse I didn't say it out loud. Be proud of who you are. XD

Hi AzzeyBabes94, I've got a problem with people too. I dress in dark clothes, listen to things like Christian rock, rock metal, goth metal, plain rock, and other things, I am going to learn to play guitar, and I love expressing myself, and people call me Emo. I'm not sure if I am or not but I know they're being stereotypical. They're always going on about how 'Omg, your Emo so you cut yourself!!!' And I've tried over and over to explain to them that Emo, and Cutter are two different things. And that there are probably lots of Emo people who don't cut themselves and how they have no right to judge just because they think they look weird. I'm sorry, I'm sort of sensitive to things like judgment of people by race of outer appearence :s Just do what you think is right, and PS, I don't have a problem with you at all!

i know same with me my friends dont know it no one. And i love being emo ots awsome and i would think people would no cuz music and stuff, i dont realy dress like one cuz i want to fit in at my school and theres very litte emo people there and that sucks. "ughhh"