I'm Putting The Oreo Cookies Down...

I am an emotional or "stress" eater.  It usually happens when I am anxious, depressed or sad.  I struggle with anxiety and depression so it's a hard road.  I have to fight with myself at the grocery store to not buy things based on my anxiety craving, which is mostly sugar. Cookies, cakes, muffins and the like.  I have found that during the day at work (I work in a very high stress job) that having a sense of humor and a pack of gum helps immensely. 

For me personally, it seems that if I can just chew on something during these high stress, anxious and sad times then it takes that craving away from me.  I'm sure that if gum could talk (which is a crazy concept, I know...lol) it would cuss me out because I go HARD on gum.  lol  I chew it like it owes me money.  But it does seem to help.  Now, I always make sure that I have a big supply of Eclipse or whatever kind of gum in my purse. 

Being an emotional eater is hard because I want to eat right and healthy.  If my stress level is too high and my anxiety is overwhelming then I lose my appetite completely.  Other times i find myself munching on something and I'm not even hungry. 

I am trying to substitute healthier foods for sugary foods as well.  The other day I was all stressed out about something with my daughter's father and went into the kitchen impulsively.  As I stood in front of the fridge I thought to myself, "What are you looking for...really...".   Instead of cake, cookies or something like that I grabbed some carrot sticks and a little bit of low fat dressing.  I realize that if you take everything in moderation it's good...but hey it's a move in the right direction right?  lol

I don't know if something like emotional eating can be conquered or cured...but I think that if I can make better choices, healthier choices to snack on and find other outlets for my stress and anxiety like going for a walk or running or riding a bike or listening to music....anything...coupled with finding the source of my depression and anxiety and setting healthy boundaries for myself, then perhaps I will be able to curb the behavior and make better choices.

Easier said than done.  ;)


Miluna Miluna
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5 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Oh how familiar this all sounds :(

i find it so amazing that i am reading this story with a box of triple/double oreos beside me

LOL I'ma get me some of them!! XD

YES it is a hard thing to over come i have tired all my life to stop but to this day I still emotionally eat I have found that I am doing alot better wth it though and just keep trying to handle stress and anxiety better good luck with your struggle

me 2

There are different ways of being an emotional eater. Me, I compulsively eat in cheap restaurants or fast food places, because that's all I can afford. The need I'm satisfying by eating in that way is the need to have SOMEONE ELSE give me the food. Someone else besides my wife. So what am I doing? It should be obvious. But for those readers who are slow on the uptake, I'm trying to resuscitate my poor dead mother and have her give me food. And this is pretty well all the time, not just when I'm stressed. It also takes place when I'm happy. And it makes me even happier! Unfortunately, though, it requires comfort food and not food that's good for you.