I Should Feel Sick

i just realized that im a huge emotional eater. when I get bored I eat, depressed I eat, angry I eat, happy I eat. Ive had a hard 24 hours and havent really stopped eating except while ive been asleep.

Last night around 1am I had two bowls of Lasagna, woke up at 9am, around 11am I had a plate of lasagna, turns out I ate the whole thing by myself. Then today we had dinner with my friends grandma. I had 2 hot dogs and a bowl of beans around 5pm we finished dinner at 6. Then an hour later I had cheese and crackers, an hour after that  I had salami and some poppy seed bread. I was full but wanted to keep eating so instead I went and laid down for an hour. Troy and I got home around 9pm, its now 11:35pm and im eating cookies.

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sorry dear but lasagna, hots dogs and cookies aren't healthy :( Americans are fed lies about what is hearty and healthy....lies!

it was a vegetarian lasagna, the only times cookies become unhealthy is if you eat a batch of them every day, eating 2 cookies is not going to harm me, never has never will.

I guess for that time period it was a lot of food to me. I think back then I was only eating like 1 meal a day and that "meal" was a frozen dinner. Now that I reread it it was A LOT for food, the lasagna was meant for 6 people and I ate the whole thing in 2 hours aside from the two portions i had the night before at 11pm, so I finished the Lasagna around 1pm and then went and had "dinner" at 3pm cause thats when my friends grandma eats, had two hot dogs, finished dinner around 5 and at 7 had the salami cheese and crackers between 7pm-10pm and probably ate at least 15 then hate poppyseed bread.<br />
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All the food I ate was healthy actually. In fact the beans were the worst thing for me. And I didn't feel guilty about eating it was more of a realization that I am an emotional eater, well was an emotional eater.

That honestly doesn't seem like a lot of food, but maybe why you're feeling guilty about it is because it's not the right kind of food. Besides the beans, not much was healthy. When I go on a binge it's Carbs, sugar and junk. It may not be a lot, but it's not healthy.

funny enough thats actually not a lot of food for me, im not sure why I was bend on complaining about it lol.

Well the good thing im hoping to get out of this is to gain some weight but I have to over come my heart burn first. I dont really consider it "abuse" because im still not getting enough calories, im not really OVER eating im just eating when im bored or upset instead of eating when im actually hungry.<br />
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I also dont have all of those things to occupy my mind. I woke 3 days a week for 2 hours, i have one friend who i live with and I hate school so distracting myself from food is a bit hard to do when all there is to do is sit on my *** all day.

I used to abuse food like that too, sometimes I still do like the 2 cookies I just had.<br />
You find when your life gets fufiling though work, study, friends, exercise it goes away.<br />
Hopefully it gets easier for you too.