So... Heres My Story... Tell Me You Hate It!

So.... im young so all of you understand that.

My masochism started when my parents divorced. They would punch in windows and scream.
When i was little i used to listen to them scream and it made me so angry...
my parents tried to manipulate me to hate the other. Then when i was 13 i started losing it. I screamed at my parents amd purposely made myself lose weight. I became a loner and all that good stuff.
The thing is that I LOVE IT!!
I screw up my life that people can make me look pathetic and i use that anger and let it fuel my self hatred.
I see a therapist and when we solve a problem i shut down for a few days and eventually melt down.
I dont want a gf or to be cool. I just want pain...
Thanks for rpeople about my pathetic little life that im sure ruined someones life somehow...
I just wanted to vent out to people.
1 Response May 9, 2012

Do you feel that pain keeps you in control of something in your life?