hi all my life i have felt things i could not quite understand it was only as i got older i started to relise thet i was gifted, i could feel peoples emotions, sometimes i would become upset for no reason only to find out someone close to me was upset at the time, even though its not  often i feel things now guess i just got used to it i do still feel things.

the strangest thing i have felt it a womans period, i'm a man so it was very odd for me, i felt a twisting pain almost like something inside was twisting a thist, this pain was just below my stomac, it felt bad and painfull but it soon whent away, i did have mood swings with this too.

so i can offical say to u girls out their i know what its like to have a period.
Druca Druca
22-25, M
1 Response Jul 21, 2010

Druca,<br />
Its odd you mention this. When I was a teen.. I don't think I was even sure what girls were doing when they were having a period.. I just knew it was different. Not much later.. I began to feel what I later understood was a woman in estrus... I learned to use that for a time.. it was a wonderful gift.. or so I thought at the time.<br />
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Now, many years later as I have learned to understand more.. that time in my life is one of regret.<br />
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To me, we are all born empathic.. for some reason we become more or less sensitive. With this sensitivity comes awareness. As the learning begins.. it is clear that a choice must be made.. to continue or not. I have found that most have chosen the not. <br />
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For those , such as myself, who chose to learn more.. there is but what seems a growing intrusion in our lives by what is the language of the empath.. emotions.. feelings. I had to find which were mine and which came from another place.. other people. It is so easy to discard a feeling that belongs to you onto others.. as easy as it is to want to help someone who is in distress. Simply because you can "feel them" does not mean you can help.. them.<br />
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To have chosen not to be sensitive and awareness.. they will not be able to fully understand that you want to help.. or even that you can.. perhaps help. You will find as I have.. that so many who live an empty life are not "aware" of the cavity they live in.. The pain they feel is often kept simply because it is something that is so familiar.. they will not release this because without it.. the emptiness is more empty.. more hollow. Instead.. they fill their lives with repeated rituals.<br />
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But.. you are young with much to learn of the ways people have made their lives.. and by making a few mistakes yourself.. but... in being aware.. you will most likely not repeat them...<br />
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.............Journey on.................................. Lou