How Can Our Gift Be Used? How Can We Tame It?

I am just wondering if anyone has really looked into this deeply and if they can shed some more light on this?
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2010

From what you say.. the level of awareness is one where a fundamental truth is found.<br />
The thing we call love is the singular emotion.. the rest of our feelings..our emotions is but the absence of the one.<br />
Because we are all empathic, we all understand what is felt.. The next breakthrough will be one of finding how different understanding and knowing is. The guide post for this is what you already have found but must now have it become a singular part of you...<br />
There are many things to learn and understand to live in this place.. Yet, as with our common language, emotions, there are many more things we already know.. this is the difference.<br />
<br />
As we learn, be it in schools or work place.. we are given credits for what has been learned.<br />
To find what is known.. there are no credits.. no awards.. The only confirmation is what is felt as a truth is found.. it is called resonance. Yet.. in our worldly ways, it is very easy to convince yourself that what was felt is resonance.. but a truth is simply that and in time the difference will be shown.<br />
<br />
We see this difference daily as we find those who claim to have found true love.. yet in time the true is gone.. only to be followed shortly by the love.<br />
<br />
You have decided to not go deeper..for now. There is time.. a lifetime.

It depends on how deep you want to go.<br />
To me, we are all born empathic.. though we allow a variety of levels of awareness.. As with so many things, the individual has the final say... in this case... how deep do you want to go..??<br />
<br />
No one is going to hand you what you search for.. those that have and are searching also will simply find themselves.. as you will. As you find you.. the wishful thinking will pass and have a "taming effect" on what you at one time thought was a gift.<br />
<br />
Getting there.. you will have but cleared to doorway of the litter your way of thinking has allowed. The rituals of life clutter the pathway.. no matter where your beliefs lie..<br />
<br />
................................................... Lou