I Am Not Crazy!

For years I've had tremendous headaches. I've had CAT scans, MRI's and any other medical test to try and pinpoint the cause. My mother has told me for years that I've avoided social situations, that I was the quiet child, the overly sensative one, the animal lover, artist and very creative. I've always had extra intuitions and had the ability to just sense things. Lately I've tried to avoid social situations just because I get overwhelmed with emotions to the point of consecutive panic attacks. I broke down and went to seek medical treatment for what I thought was bi-polar depression. After 2 weeks of partial hospitalized therapy, I was diagnosed with depression with panic/anxiety attacks. I'm medicated as of late, and I still get those waves of overwhelming emotion. I decided to research my symptoms and I totally fit the bill for being an "empath". I've always known this but have been afraid to admit it for fear of being labeled crazy. I am the friend that you'd call if you just need to talk, I'm the problem solver, I avoid conflict if at all possible, and I give most all of my time helping those important to me. Recently an old friend passed away and the day I found out my neck hurt like hell. I didn't know the cause of her death and researched until I found that she'd been in a car accident, was thrown from the car and ultimately died from a broken neck. Coincidence? Maybe, but just his past weekend my hips felt like I'd been dropped from the sky to land on my butt. I got a text message from a friend telling me she'd been in a car accident. I told her about my past experience and then told her that my hips were hurting badly, and thats when she gasped and went on to tell me that her injuries were directed to her hips...It is what it is and I know what I am. I am not crazy, I'm blessed.
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I am like this, always got a headache and always feeling intense emotional feelings when in groups. I am a teacher and sometimes I have had to stop a class because of the energy coming from a child or children in the room, I know that they are suffering and need to talk.<br />
I have had many experiences with buildings too, houses especially as they have strong energies from people who have lived there. <br />
I used to think I was just shy, but I have come to believe it's more than that. I believe that I am absorbing in a way, feeling the person's energy, and if it's particularly strong or negative, I find it hard to converse in the traditional way cos I'm overwhelmed.<br />
I dont know how to utilise this to help others. Any comments about this? Being a teacher enables me to, epecially being an art teacher, but are there other ways?

Knapoli,<br />
There are no coincidence'.. that is my belief.. as well as that we are born empathic. Somewhere and for some reason, some of us have chosen to be sensitive. With sensitivity comes awareness.<br />
<br />
Where many get lost is when they get "caught up" in the details. Feel what you feel and call it only what it is.. a feeling. There is so much to learn... much of it, if not all is about you.<br />
<br />
That may sound odd right now.. but that is simply part of the learning. Many will try to convince you that you can use this to help others. This is true in very few cases.. very few. .. but that is what I mean about the "details"..<br />
................................................... Lou

Yes you are. Here, we all are. :)