I Sometime Know Things That Come To Pass.

When I know what is to come I get a strong feeling of energy that seems to claps into the pit of my stomach. Then the energy just explodes throughout my whole body and when it clears I know. I alsocan pick up vibrations form things. The strongest one I got, but far from the only one, was the second time I went to England. I was staying with my mum’s sister and her brother. One day I got the mail and there was a litter from my mum. The moment I touched it the energy that flowed through my hand and up my arm made me drop it. I knew that the lady I group up calling Grandma Flow had died. There was nothing in the latter about it but I knew all the same. I also have dreams that come to pass. The first time I was in England my other aunt took my mum and me to Scotland. One morning I woke up in the bed and breakfast that we were staying at for the night, and I said “Mom I just dreamed that Mike drove his car into a brick wall at 75 miles an hour. Mike was one of my closest friends. Upon my return to the states I found that Mike had driven his car in to a cement wall at 75 miles an hour. The only difference was in the dream it was a brick wall, but it really was a concrete wall.  
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wow , I just had something like that I had I guess a premenition of my husband being with a girl he knew in Junior High School and the next day he told me she was divorcing for real .... read my story it will explain better I had written it in July. That was bad and all too real I guess time will tell what happens next Bella