How Do You Cope With Being An Empath??

I've never doubted my role on this planet... Without a question, I have always felt since I was a little child that it was simply my duty to help, to care, to nurture others.  I move through life helping one person and then another, without considering myself.  I have been okay with this for decades, but I am finding everything too much at this point.  I am feeling WAY tuned in and overwhelmed.  I cry when someone else cries.  I ache when someone else aches.  My boundaries have been breached it seems. I feel this is binding my feet and affecting both what I can give to this world and my own existence.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with these waves of emotion that are flowing over and over onto me?  I do not want to completely isolate myself, although I keep feeling that need for retreat!  Unfortunately the world doesn't function that way... Any recommendations would be amazing!  Thank you so much!!! :D
Lunapixie Lunapixie
2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Oh, thank you! I will be ordering that book this afternoon.. I really appreciate your encouragement and words - thank you for sharing them with me.. I feel better already! :)

I feel your frustrations! I picked up a book yesterday called "Energy Secrets: The Ultimate Well-Being Plan" that deals with energies and how to create far it makes alot of sense!! I also started researched crystals and stones and wear an amethyst around my neck. Finding ways to release energy is also exercise, yoga, sex. (It works for me!) Grasp your gift! Don't let it drag you down!