Always Feeling Someone Else's Energy.

Nice to be able to write about it.

I hate crowded places.   I'm always picking up on vibes around me thus wanting to be on my own 99% of the time.    Other than my family,  I hate social situations.   I want to always ask the next person, "Are you okay?"  I always want to help and pick up on things no one else notices.    Feelings to the point where I turn really cold and can't feel my fingers.    I wish I could 'control and understand' this.

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Before I came to understand, I too felt as you.. and at least the 99% level. I did go to a doc...but, I threw the pills away and began to really look at what it was I was feeling.<br />
The medical community in general hasn't got a clue.. as well as the general population at large. From them, you will not get pills, simply advice that is from their understanding.<br />
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Perhaps, that is why they say that the worst kind of witness is an eye witness. You will get as much a variety for what they saw as there are people who saw the same thing.. very unreliable.<br />
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So.. its up to you to find your way because only you will know you have found a piece of truth as you search. Try the sight that Dee suggested.. Its a long complicated thing.. Being an empath is not complicated, not at all. When you remove the hocus-pocus and rituals so many people think belongs in this.. you will find a truth.. there are many more.<br />
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..................................If I can help... I am here.............................................. Lou

I can relate. A friend here posted this link which I am currently reading.. you might find it useful and interesting:<br />
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I have the same experiences. Do you have friends and loving family members? Do you feel that you would rather like to help cater the party and be of some importance than to just enjoy the party no strings attached. Are you afraid of letting go and enjoying yourself and would rather be in caregiver mode, one on one at all times? Do you think you might have a hearing problem and it might hamper your socializing?