Can someone tell me how you bear the burden of the extreme imact of the emotions of others. I find myself bombarded with emotions and become depressed and sad. Any suggestions please.
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4 Responses Dec 27, 2010

For the perhaps deepest of the concerns that may burden not....please do not become a victim of a doctor's label! For that matter anyones label. You are unique and wonderful! I suppose by the term"empath", we have already found a label...but is also remember dear one....our own.

I pray personally. When I am feeling burdened with the cares on someones heart that I often can't fix, I pray until I feel peace. And then I feel light again.

Thank you for the suggestion. It is one I will try.

one thing that helps me is i take a hot bath for about 15-30 minutes with a candle burning in silence. Then i let all the water drain out as i meditate and ignore the cooling sensation on my skin for as long as my instincts tell me too. Ignoring the cold is hard at first, but it becomes addicting to stay there and realize that your mind keeps you from getting cold. You should feel a sense of extreme relaxation and content with everything around you (at least that's what i get) when your done. I've heard sage candles are nice too, but i've never given them a try. Also whenever i feel like i'm starting to get drained, i immediately head somewhere to be alone (i realize its my body's way of telling me something) and listen to some music. 10-20 minutes of that alone really does amazing things for me. I hope they do the same for you!