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I wasn't aware I'm an empath until a couple months ago when a new friend of my family told me I am one. Then, I had a couple more people tell me that I am one and one of them even told me I needed protection from energies. I do accept that I'm an empath and I'd like to utilize my ability.
I've always been sensitive to people's emotions. If they were excited, I'd feel their excitement and if they were in emotional pain, I'd feel their pain and relate to them even though I never experienced what they're going through. I never could explain this. I've always had a natural tendency to help others. When I was younger I wanted to go to college to become a junior high or high school teacher to help troubled teens. As I got older, I still have the desire to help teens and women, therefore, I'm studying psychology. I was never fond of shopping. Everytime I would go into a store I would get headaches. I was probably picking up everyone's energies and didn't realize it until now. Recently, a family friend went through a tough situation. I wasn't informed of all the details and I didn't ask either, due to privacy respect (it wasn't my business). Being me, I did ask how she was doing but she simply made it seem that she was Ok. I felt her pain, stress, drain, and sadness. I also saw other clues from my psychology major perspective. I just wanted her to feel better and take that pain away. I was also told that I'm a healer, that I'm able to heal intuitively. Another friend told me to help her recover from a major surgery, I'd love to help her. I recently got interested into using candle magic, hopefully that helps. I meditate regularly. I know I can clear and purify some crystals, I can observe/grasp energy, but I must find a way to release that energy. Very recently I started noticing and sensing vibrations.
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Reiki really works. The world needs more reiki healers!


Though I have heard the words many times, I really don't know the specifics of ... Second Sight .. what it could be or means. And you are so correct in that so many live their lives blocked by the variety of reasons most have forgotten why. Yes... denial is not a river in Egypt.

I am a first level Reiki and I looked into the other levels. In part it was research for my new book that I am signing a contract for tomorrow. There is more to Reiki than is taught by Reiki Masters, both here and in Japan. Even more so in the place of its origin, Tibet.

I wish you good fortune in your search..there is so much to learn and finding ways to include your learning's into the life you live..

............................................................. Lou

Yes, there is so much to learn about. We'll never stop learning and the more research we do, the more new things we learn. It dosn't mean that we must agree with everything that we read, hear, and learn about.

@Lou: Sure! Everyone is an empath. We were all born with the "second sight" for many it may get blocked by denial, skepticism, religion, etc. Yes, I have done my research and I continue to do research. Not many are as open-minded as I am. Everybody has different beliefs on spirituality, I respect that.

@Angela: Yes! I've been thinking about it. I've been reading about it and doing a bit of research. A friend of mine practices Reiki and wants me to learn it. I've also been reading about the different types of Reiki.

you should go to a reiki class, learn reiki and learn how to do hands on healing, plus an attunment would open up your pyschic abilities. Most healers are involved in reiki. I'm sure you will love it. You can look it up on the web to get an idea about what it's all about.

Good luck,



You are an empath.... all humans are.. indeed all mammals are.. We were all born that way.. There are so many well meaning people who have you do this or that.. for protection for ... who knows what else.

Look up and read about ... The Limbic System ... it explains the how and where. So many who find that their sensitivity allows the to be aware of the inner states of others think it is there as a gift to be used to help others. Yet.. it more often happens that the person is put off by the offer and others feel you are just being intrusive..

Get to know your own feelings so that you will then understand who and what you feel as well as know which is you and which is them.

I hope this helps.. there is more you can look up if you wish.. I will help if I can............ Lou